Get Rid Of Engine Problems and Improve Diesel Performance

I tell you how you could prevent these problems in your engine and how to improve diesel performance. Touching the brake smoothly, treat with great care the throttle and, above all, the “standard star efficient driving” circulates in the highest gear possible. Many people forget that last word and, at the time of saving fuel, directly applies longest relationship almost any circumstance, which causes us to see vehicles (I’m talking about a situation experienced in first person and not infrequently) rising steep slope on a highway in 5th, with the throttle. The car is not able to maintain the 120 km / h is in 100 km / h while the driver takes the “pedal to the floor”. Remote Custom Tuning – This not only increases fuel consumption, but also can cause serious damage to your vehicle.

Diesel Performance Kits

Here’s a list of the most common errors: 

Head gasket: By going to the throttle, the temperature in the combustion chamber rises greatly. There are many cars that have no coolant temperature gauge (and even less oil), so the driver does not notice that the engine grades are rising and the head gasket failure. It is a repair that can be ruinous, as it can deform the aluminum cylinder head making it impossible to grind. A new cylinder head can exceed $ 3,000.

Premature wear on the cylinder: A few turns and the right pedal “on the ground”, the piston tends to “ding”, instead of up and down perfectly straight and parallel to the cylinder walls, swinging does. This increases the friction, wear and increasing temperature. On the other hand, a few revolutions, both the oil pump and the water pump move less flow, which further aggravates the problem.

What are the problems in diesel engines? 

In diesel engines, these problems are compounded because of the dirt they generate. These are devices that break down more:

System failure EGR: The mechanics of diesel, gas have much ash. Circular lengthy marches slowly regime heavy soiling and this causes the intake and the EGR valve itself obstructing go… It’s like the cholesterol in the veins: fatal health (in this case, our propeller). Depending on the severity of the blockage, the repair can cost between one hour labor (about 60 euros), if clean enough, or be around 300 or 400 euros if you need to replace the EGR.

Failures in variable geometry turbochargers: Excess soot induced as described above, stiffen the variable geometry mechanisms, requiring periodic cleaning, or in the worst case, the replacement of the turbo.

Failed strainers antiparticles: Again the excess soot combustion, which quickly clogs filters antiparticles, forcing increasing the number of regeneration cycles thereof. Such post-injections, besides considerably increasing the consumption (which already goes against the sense of the driving style) because washing the cylinder walls, the waste lubricating, wear rapidly. Furthermore, the excess oil to the crankcase just down mixing with the oil, degrading rapidly. Keep in mind that can cost FAP filter (on models that have been in the same module the FAP and the catalyst NOx) between 4,000 and 5,000 euros, much more than anything you’ve been able to save owner fuel. This problem particularly affects diesel vehicles used in urban use, because the engine never usually operates above 2,000 RPM.

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How I can avoid such problems in my car? 

I am using DPF Delete kit. Actually, there is only one rule to follow and is very simple whenever a motion requiring more than 2/3 of the total travel of the throttle to maintain constant speed, we lose one or two relationships… Or as required. So you can extend the life of your engine elements and not have to deal with repairs that can destroy your budget.

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