Descriptive But Concise Ideas

A wedding planner is something we know, especially from American films. But also in the Australia, the wedding planner increasingly hired to arrange weddings. How do you decide whether you hire a wedding planner or not? You have nothing to think about, because the wedding planner takes care of everything from the location of the invitations for the guests, the accommodation for the wedding couple and / or guests to be arranged catering, entertainment, ceremony – everything.

A wedding planner will obviously take quite a bit of money. It’s up to you to decide if you really want to spend the entire budget on the wedding or you want to save. Engaging a wedding planner ensures that the stress of the upcoming wedding is as low as possible. And that is worth something. Sure, what the best day of your life!

Your budget is the most important aspect of planning your wedding. The wedding budget plan includes the following considerations. If your total budget is 100 percent, to allocate:

  1. The clothes, hair, makeup and jewelry for the bride and groom’s clothing: about 10%.
  2. The stationery: about 3%.
  3.  Wedding rings: about 4%.
  4.  The ceremony: location, officiate, accessories, music, license, unity candles: about 3%.
  5. The reception: location, food and drinks, rental, accessories, centerpieces, catering favors about 45%.
  6. The flowers for the bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, ceremony site and reception site about 8%.
  7.  Music and Entertainment: about 8%.
  8.  Photography and video: about 12%.
  9.  Transport for the bride and groom, guest shuttle, Valet parking, etc. about 2%.
  10. Gifts for your family, wedding attendants and out of town guests: about 2%.
  11.  Incidental about 3%.

The wedding planner is there to help you with great wedding ideas. More and more couples realize that this collaboration provides many benefits and facilitates the entire experience to prepare. It is YOUR day, your dream. Wedding planners are a source of creative inspiration.  They listen to your needs, ideas and dreams for the wedding and bring their creativity to help change the dream to reality.

Planners with extensive experience in the wedding industry are experts in the field of protocol, etiquette and all that is needed to proceed. Though having knowledge of all the ins and outs of organizing a wedding, planners also have huge source (background) of information about suppliers and locations. Which suppliers can be trusted, who gives the best service and what location can fulfill the wishes of the couple? Wedding planner has all details from bridal dress to wedding venues.

Hiring a wedding planner Perth gives you the freedom to just enjoy the moment and you do not have to worry about what goes on behind the scenes. Just visit or call at 0423 4080 52 for event hire Perth.